You’ve learned all about the game. Now, learn all about YOU in the game.

You're the only one with the power to improve your game, I'm here to give you the tools.

You may Ask “How Will Coaching with Wendy Doolan Help Me?”

Whether your goal is to Entertain some Clients by playing Golf with former LPGA Tour Player Wendy Doolan, Warm Florida Weather or to Shave some Shots off your Handicap we can design a package to suit your needs.
Possible Sessions:
– On course Strategy
– Personality tendencies in business and golf
– 5 Fundamentals of putting
– Pitching and chipping Fundamentals
– Reducing Tension
– Improving Focus
– Committed Routines
– Game Assessment and plan building
– Learn how to make the most out of the short amount time you have to practice
– Play Golf with Wendy
Please send us a message and tell us what would be your ideal 1 or 2 day school.
Baldy Boyd 2013 Grasslands Senior Men's Champion!