Shoot Lower Scores by Training with
17-year LPGA Tour Player, Wendy Doolan.

Develop Mental Toughness with Clear Routines so you can Improve your Focus, Decision-Making and Commitment under Tournament Pressure.

Golf Coaching for Students

  • Make better decisions and Shoot Lower Scores.
  • Learn how to Maximize your Practice Time
  • Learn how to recognize and improve your tendencies on the course under pressure.
  • Learn how to commit and focus on one shot at a time.

For High School Students

Golf Coaching for College / Professional Players

  • Lower your scores by understanding your personality tendencies and build clear routines that will withstand the pressure of Tournament Golf.
  • Learn how to focus on one shot at a time.
  • Master your putter and wedges by focusing on YOUR process.
  • Practice with a purpose and shoot lower scores with practice plans developed with Wendy.

For College / Professionals

Golf Coaching for Adults / Corporate Players

  • Entertain your clients with clinic and/or golf with 17 year LPGA Tour Player Wendy Doolan
  • Maximize Your potential by focusing on the fundamentals of Golf
  • Quick, practical solutions to saving shots on the course.
  • Maximize your practice time.

Adults / Corporate Players

It always seems impossible until it’s done. Everything is Possible.

Messages from Wendy’s Students…

“My name is Arthur Edelman from France. Wendy helped me realize that the mental game is stronger than physical in order to develop a good golf game. She changed my vision of golf. I am now able to bounce back from difficult situations and I can score much lower. I am very thankful for her for everything she has been teaching me. (Continued…)”

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About Wendy

I played tournament golf for 23 years, 17 on the LPGA. During the last few years of my Tournament Golf Career I experienced several instances I could not compete due to injury, this is when I found my passion for coaching Golf. I love to help my students lower their scores by working on their short game inside 60 yards, pitching, chipping and putting. By Developing Clear Committed Routines we can improve decision making, focus, commitment on the course which will lead to less mistakes and lower scores over time.I have found the key to playing within yourself is understanding your personality, by using a few different assessments tools I can help you determine your personality tendencies and with that information we can build Routines that will allow you to shoot lower scores more often.

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