How to Putt Better Than a PGA Tour Pro!!

Sanlan Golf Course- Lakeland, Florida


Putting is one of the few things just about anyone can truly become excellent at. It DOES NOT require strength. You only need to spend a small amount of focused time to get better quickly once you understand what is important in order to do so. The problem most people have with putting- is lack of proper information on how to putt and a method to practice to become great at putting. If these poor putters ever practice their putting- they are practicing with poor information and poor techniques. The results are going to be … guessed it- poor. So what’s the gimmick? You may ask.

There is no gimmick. You can become a great putter.

I, myself, was actually floored when I learned the techniques and tips needed to putt so well. I say I was “floored” because I only gained this information AFTER I had spent two decades playing professional golf. Having applied and practiced with this information- I now putt better than I did while on tour…AND- I still putt better than a PGA tour pro!

In this 90 minute clinic- I am going to show you, and 19 other people that struggle with putting- all the key components you need to know to get started in the correct direction. This is an interactive clinic. That means we won’t be sitting down and watching a slideshow. Bring your putter!

I am so confident in how simple and easy a path it is to become a better putter- I will personally offer you a can’t lose proposition

After the class is completed- I’m going to personally ask you if you then believe you have been given the tools and a system necessary to become a better putter AND that you are leaving that clinic a better putter! If, for any reason, you don’t believe that to be 100% absolutely true- I will refund 100% of your ticket price. 

Unfortunately, I am unable to schedule as many of these clinics as I would like to. My travel and training schedule just doesn’t allow for it at this time. These are very small, limited events and they fill up fast. If you think you ever want to become a better putter- I’d encourage you to select a time and date for a clinic below- before they are all sold out.

PS- Refreshments will be provided, but you may want to bring a chair if standing for 90 minutes is a strain.