My Goal For Your Game: To Encourage, Educate and Inspire You To Play Better Golf and Shoot Lower Scores


I am passionate about golf and I love coaching because it affords me the opportunity share all the great information that has been shared with me over my career. Golf is about options, I would love an opportunity to help guide you through the many options available to you to improve your golf game.

Wendy Doolan Golf Coaching Programs

  • Hit longer drives and Improve your direction and contact with the BioSwing Dynamics System: this system allows us to determine your optimum power source and club face control based on measurements of your body. After measuring your body I will apply some simple adjustments to optimize your ball striking. Google BioSwingDynamics for more information about this system

The 4 secrets to putting:

  • Putting Distance Control: fewer 3 putts = lower scores and making more 8-20ft
  • AimPoint Express: this is your premier Green Reading system
  • Putting: Technique & Aim
  • Putter fitting


  • Do you have the right wedges in your bag? Are you using the right wedge for the shot?
  • Control your wedges distance a trajectory with a few easy skills.
  • Chip the ball closer to the hole by learning the fundamentals and how to choose the highest % shot for you in each situation
  • Learn how to read your lie and choose the right club for the shot
  • Get out of the bunker, on the green and closer to the hole each time by understanding how to set up based on what the shot requires

Goal Setting:

  • Clear Goals provide motivation: After we assess where you are in your Golf Game we will set S.M.A.R.T.E.R goals to keep you focused on your individual process to Improve your Golf Game.
  • Personality styles determine how you make decisions and manage tension, I will help you identify whats important for you and assist you in make clear committed decisions so you will be able to enjoy your golf and achieve your goals.

On Course Skills:

  • Manage Tension and Anxiety by understanding yourself and your tendencies when you perceive a pressure situation.
  • Making a Game Plan: make more birdies and pars by learning how to choose the highest % shots from the tee and into the green.
  • Build Routines in your game that allow you to be focused and committed.
  • Beginner, Intermediate, Elite and Professional on course skills sessions: learn how to optimize your scoring potential by building confidence in your On Course skills.
  • Reading your fairway lie and learn what to expect the ball to do
  • Competitive Club Golfers: Enjoy your golf, Lower your handicap, win the club championship by understanding whats important to improve your game.
  • College students: continue improving the fundamentals of golf, learn self management skills: focus, decision making, building confidence and scheduling.
  • High School students improve scoring by focusing on your fundamentals in each area, make better decisions and manage your emotions, be less frustrated on the golf course
  • Juniors, learn to swing with speed in conjunction with learning the fundamentals in each area.
  • Professionals: manage you life and schedule to optimize your potential in each area: Statistics, Technique, Practice, On Course Skills, Travel, Nutrition, Fitness and Rest.


  • Effective practice will help you improve contact and shoot lower scores: Learn what is right for your game.
  • I can teach you how to design and execute practice sessions that will give you positive results.


  • Equipment evaluation: Are your clubs helping or hurting your ball flight? ( If new Driver, woods or irons are required I will recommend a club fitter)


  • Is your motion restricted or hindered by lack of flexibility, Strength or injury in your body? I can recommend a fitness instructor for rehabbing and injury or building strength or flexibility

Golf Outings for your Customers

  • Booking Hotels and coordinating travel for groups up to 30
  • Coordinating schedules for accommodation, golf and restaurants
  • Playing Golf with business executives
  • Hosting Golf Clinics for Large (11-30) or Small Groups (2-10)
  • Small group lessons (2-8)
  • On Course Playing Lessons
  • Attending and mingling at evening events
  • Motivational Speaking 

Group or Individual sessions Available

There is so much contradictory information on TV and in Golf Magazines, there is no one recipe for improvement. My commitment to you is to continue my education so I can help you identify what important to your game. I will help you identify YOUR process to improve and then help you set powerful goals that will motivate you to do whatever is necessary to enjoy and play better golf.

I am looking forward too an opportunity to help you reach your goals