Wendy Doolan Golf Coaching Reviews

Baldy Boyd 2013 Grasslands Senior Men's Champion!

Baldy Boyd 2013 Grasslands Senior Men’s Champion!

I’ve had the privilege of being a student of LPGA Professional WendyDoolan for approximately 2 years.

Under Wendy’s guidance and coaching, I’ve accomplished more in my ability to play the game of golf than I could have expected.

As I’ve gotten older (I’m 68), my goal has been to remain competitive as possible and keep my golfing skills improving.  I’ve been able to accomplish that with Wendy’s guidance.

This past summer I shot 67 on a Thursday before the member/guest at my brother’s course in Runaway Bay, Texas and followed it up the next day with a 65, my lowest score ever.  My handicap remains at a 3 and I’m still playing competitive golf and loving it.

Wendy is more than a swing coach….she is a lifestyle and game-style changing coach.  She works on all parts of the game and is more than qualified to work with beginners to pros.

I want to personally recommend Wendy to anyone who wants to enjoy the game of golf and certainly anyone who wants to improve their golfing skills.

Respectfully Submitted,

– “Baldy” Boyd  State Farm Agent

Evian 2012

Evian Golf Tournament 2012

“My name is Arthur Edelman from France. I met Wendy two years ago when I arrived at Gilchrist Academy. She was the mental coach for the students. She helped me realize how important the mental game is in order to develop a good golf game. She changed my vision of golf. She taught me that the mental is stronger than the physical. I know now that the body language and attitude plays a big role in a round of golf. I am now able to bounce back from difficult situations and I can score well when I am not hitting well. I am very thankful for her for everything she has been teaching  me.

I also had the great opportunity to caddy for her at the Evian Masters 2012. I learned a lot watching her, especially how she reacted to poor shots and how accurate she was on her preparation. She never pulls out a club from her bag until she was completely sure of what club she was going to use. Being able to see all those details from the outside made me realize a lot of things.”

Since being with Wendy Doolan Golf my perspective and golf game has changed drastically in a positive way. Before the program I would just look at a bad shot as a nuisance but now I can discern what I did that caused me to produce that shot. I now know that I can refer back to a process and routine that consistently produces more good shots.

As I continue in the program my confidence in my game will keep progressing because I have a reliable process that I can trust.

– Gillian Alexander – Orlando FL – 16 years old

Until Wendy, I never realized how my personality profile impacted my game. Wendy made me aware of certain personality traits that impact my ability to shoot lower scores – then it’s the swing mechanics. Great leaders and coaches continue to say its controlling what’s “ in between your ears” that separates the good from the great. This is what separate’s Wendy.

– Duke, Lakeland, FL

I learned a lot from your clinic, my only problem I don’t go out and practice. You helped me a lot when I was playing.

– Irene, Lakeland FL

When I first spoke to Wendy I could tell that she cared about helping. From the start, she was fully invested in helping my girls and we knew we had found the right person.

Since we started working with my girls they have approached practicing and playing a lot differently. There was so much they didn’t know about just preparing and getting in the right mindset for playing better golf. Now they approach practice a lot more orderly and with much more purpose. They would still be lost if not for Wendy’s guidance.

Most recently in a 9 hole event my oldest shot a 33 and my youngest 39 (from the women’s tees). That’s a major improvement in just a few lessons with Wendy. She has a way of talking to young people and getting the best out of them. She is indeed a blessing to my family and we look forward to many more years of coaching and friendship.

– Father, Orlando, FL

I’ve been working with Wendy a short period of time. Wendy’s the first golf coach I’ve encountered who first determines your goals and how you mentally approach the game. She then assesses the technical aspects of your swing and develops an individual written plan. Wendy really works on how to prepare your mind to play the game well—including pre-shot routines and course management.

Her putting instruction is unique and invaluable. I was a low handicapper prior to working with Wendy, but was having difficulty going to the next level and gaining confidence in competitive situations. She is definitely helping me in that arena—my confidence is growing and I’m winning more. It’s a pleasure working with a professional who has been in the toughest competitive situations and can assist me in successfully walking those paths. I look forward to working with her more to continue the improvement in my game.

Keith – Lakeland, FL

My name is AJ Groth, I met Wendy a little less than a year ago and my golf game and my life off the course has changed dramatically. Wendy has helped me improve on the course and off. My life is now way more organized and I fell much better about the future. Everything I do now is to towards my goal because of Wendy.

There was a time where a fell off track, I was almost ready to stop playing golf but Wendy was not going to let that happen. She got me back to loving the game and I am so grateful for that. All in all, Wendy is an amazing person and a coach but she is not just a just coach but a life coach as well.

AJ – Lakeland FL – 16 years old

The most game-changing technique I learned in a lesson was that I do not have to use a pitching wedge or sand wedge to get on the green when I’m I have been having trouble with those clubs.

Kathe – Lakeland FL