Chipping Clinic- How to Get “Up & Down”!!

Sanlan Golf Course- Lakeland, Florida

New dates & times to be announced soon

 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM

1:00 pm – 2:00 PM

Just how many times have you “duffed it, chunked it, thinned it, murdered it, jerked it, thrown it, choked it”, or otherwise absolutely ruined what should have been an easy, straightforward chip shot from around the green?

Well- How about we just go ahead and fix that for you?

It is amazing how a few, simple little techniques to tackle this shot can make such an AMAZING difference. It is one of the few shots you can master- QUICKLY- and immediately apply to your game NOW. You can and will start shaving strokes off your game as soon as you complete this clinic. It’s absolutely that matter of fact.

The only thing you need to be afraid of with this clinic- is that your buddies or competitors get in on this and you don’t. This can be a game changer for most golfers.

In this 90 minute clinic- I am going to show you, and 19 other people that struggle with chipping- all the key components you need to know to get started in the correct direction. This is an interactive clinic. That means we won’t be sitting down and watching a slideshow. Bring your wedge!

I am so confident in how simple and easy a path it is to become a better putter- I will personally offer you a can’t lose proposition

After the class is completed- I’m going to personally ask you if you then believe you have been given the tools and a system necessary to become a better chipper AND that you are leaving that clinic a better chipper! If, for any reason, you don’t believe that to be 100% absolutely true- I will refund 100% of your ticket price. 

Unfortunately, I am unable to schedule as many of these clinics as I would like to. My travel and training schedule just doesn’t allow for it at this time. These are very small, limited events and they fill up fast. If you think you ever want to become a better putter- I’d encourage you to select a time and date for a clinic below- before they are all sold out.

PS- Refreshments will be provided, but you may want to bring a chair if standing for 90 minutes is a strain.

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Wendy  held a fantastic clinic helping us with our chipping and short game. I loved the opportunity. She is very friendly and down to earth. Explained stance, grip, club head, target area, choice of different clubs, line up and more. Will help me lower my score….
Cathy B.