Chipping Clinic Notes

The Goal: To get the ball on the Green

How: By understanding one stock shot and how to vary the club to get your desired result

Expectation: To get the ball on the green within a “Make-able” distance from the hole

Your Shot Process for short grass:

  • Stand close to the ball with your feet one club head apart ( your knees will be cracked, not locked)
  • The heel of the club will appear off the ground, with a square clubface
  • Put your ball position will be in the middle of your stance
  • Grip the handle short and put your trail hand grip (right hand for righties, left hand for lefties) a little more on top of the club
  • The handle of the club points (the end of the club) to your belt buckle
  • Feel pressure under the ball of your lead foot (left for righties, right foot for lefties) with your head on top of the ball
  • The Motion: Look at your landing zone, feel a little pressure under your lead foot as you take the club back and listen for the club to hit the ball ——-Great shot!!!
  • NOTE: You can do this process with any club in the bag, the more roll you want the less loft you use. Lots of roll you can use a hybrid or 5 iron from off the green or if you want to land the ball on the green with a little roll you could use a Sand Wedge.

Your shot process for Long Grass:

  • The Set Up varies from short grass set up only by moving a little further from the ball so you can use the bounce on your club, the heel won’t appear off the ground as much
  • When the ball has grass behind it and you cannot get a clean shot at the ball you will need more club head speed because you want to hit the grass 1st
  • I recommend getting some consistency with this shot with square club face before changing anything else in your set up.

Note: When you want more club head speed you will want more backswing