You’ve learned all about the game. Now, learn all about YOU in the game.

You're the only one with the power to improve, I'm here to give you the tools.

You may ask “How will Coaching with Wendy Doolan help me?”

Learn how to effectively evaluate your performance and build a clear plan in practice and play to continue improving.
In golf it is easy to lose focus on the goal and get lost and caught up in the moment. When time is restricted we tend to lean towards the things we like and may end up with an unbalanced game or if our time is plentiful we may tend to waste too much time and not get the most out of our day.
I have found that consistent focused practice, tournament preparation and evaluation, goal revision, conversations, texts, and email sometimes needed on a daily basis will help keep you stay focused on what is important for you to keep improving.
– Personality Assessments: understand why you act and react the way you do under Tournament Pressure
Set Clear Powerful Goals
– Improve Focus
– Build Clear Committed Routines
– Manage tension
– Practice with a purpose
– Master the 5 areas of putting and build confidence.
– Focus on the things YOU CAN CONTROL and shoot lower scores