You’ve learned all about the game. Now, learn all about YOU in the game.

You're the only one with the power to improve, I'm here to give you the tools.

You may ask “How will Coaching with Wendy Doolan Help Me?”

Whether your goal is to have fun, shoot lower scores, a College Scholarship or professional golf mastering the fundamentals is your key. Wendy can Help.

You’ve learned about the game, now you’ll learn about YOU in the game. You’re the only one with the power to improve your game. I’m here to give you the tools.

On the course:

  • By making clear Decisions and having a clear target with commitment you will be able to stay focused on the things that really matter when you compete. The result will be better shots, less mistakes and lower scores.
  • By understanding yourself and your tendencies you will be able to mange your emotions and decisions under pressure.

The Goal: Shoot lower scores

Wendy can help you shoot lower scores by:
  • Understanding your personality, which will allow you to set clear process goals and manage your tension. The result of knowing yourself is less tension, which leads to less frustration by focusing on YOUR process.
  • Understanding YOUR process and learning how to focus on the things you can control. This will allow you to reduce tension and perform more consistently under pressure.
  • Understanding the importance of the short game. I will help you develop a creative short game with focused drills to improve scoring under pressure.
  • Having defined routines on the course that will include Focus, Clear Decisions and Commitment of shot selection and target.
  • Understanding your tendencies when pressure is added. You will learn to develop a great game plan for each hole and release tension to improve focus.

Range Sessions Include:

  • Assessments
  • Putting fundamentals, drills and practice strategies
  • Chipping Fundamentals, drills and practice strategies
  • Bunker fundamentals, drills and practice strategies
  • Pitching fundamentals, drills and practice
  • Full game practice sessions: Practice with purpose

On the Course Sessions Include:

  • Assessments
  • Decision Making
  • Commitment
  • Focus
  • Targets
  • Tension management
  • Game plans
  • Warm ups

Speaking Engagements for High school and College Teams:

Choose a topic that will help your team and book it in.

Suggested Topics:

  • Routines
  • Focus
  • Targets
  • Decision making
  • Commitment
  • Tension release
  • Practice
  • On Course Strategy
  • Game plans
  • Warm up