Golf Coaching

wendy-doolan-golf-coach-funI am passionate about golf and I love coaching because it affords me the opportunity share all the great information that has been shared with me over my career. Golf is about options, I would love an opportunity to help guide you through the many options available to you to improve your golf game.

Possible Areas of Focus for you could be:

– Mental toughness: Your ability to stay committed to your process no matter the circumstances

– Your Routines in Practice and Play

– Swing Analysis

– Goal Setting and YOUR process to achieve them

– On Course Game Evaluation and Building.

The Swing

Based on my 25 years experience of being a tour player and employing the best teachers in the world to improve my golf game, and now 5 years Coaching — I have confirmed the most important thing about any golf swing is improving the fundamentals that allow your body and mind to react to the task at hand.

My goal is for you to understand your technical and mental tendencies and with that information, we can build a plan for you to reach your goals.

I offer on and off course training sessions to help you improve. A combination of these services will help you reach your potential.

Goal Setting

No matter if you are a tour player, a scratch player, a 20 handicap or a beginner you must know where you are going before we can begin. It’s like driving a car, do you get behind the wheel without knowing where you want to go?

Clear Powerful goals will motivate you and direct your energy to keep you on the track of improvement when things are not perfect.

The Mental Side

There is a lot of discussion these days about the mental side of golf.  Golf is 80% MENTAL!!

Are you spending 80% of your time on the mental side?

Do you hit one loose shot that causes a blow-up?

Is the front 9 better than the back or Back better than the front?

Is your scoring really different from day to day?

Do you sometimes feel confident? Then other times you just don’t feel like you can do a thing right?

There are key areas you must address to build trust when you are over the ball:

  • Your excitement or anxiety levels
  • Your Focus
  • Your tempo, commitment, feel and Imagination or Visualization
  • Your Practice
  • Your Thought control
  • Your Game Plan
  • Your Decision Making and Commitment

Shooting Lower Scores will come from developing Clear Committed Routines that will allow you to Focus more consistently on your target when you are over the ball.

Elite Players

With nearly 25 years experience in tournament golf, from junior to Amateur and then to professional I will help you learn to manage yourself under pressure giving you the opportunity to outperform your competitors more consistently over time.

I will Help you build a TEAM that addresses all the necessary areas of your game and life to allow you to maximize your potential and reach your goals.

The Nutrition/ Physical Side

I have known Mark Bodine, owner of TBC 24 Fitness in Lakeland Florida for more than 20 years. He has trained me in golf and nutrition which has given me the ability to maintain my stability, strength and flexibility during my career. I am not an expert in these areas and have partnered with Lakeland based Total Body Conditioning 24 Fitness to help you develop a program that will enhance your life and golf game.

It only takes a few minutes a day to improve. If your goal is to be healthy or to improve your golf game, if you are a high marker, scratch player or professional, we can help you develop a way to improve your health one step at a time.

Nutrition is the one very important thing that tends to get overlooked.

With the help of the TBC team you will able to improve energy by learning to eat what your body needs to be fueled. If you exercise, eat and drink reasonably well you will maintain your health and have the opportunity to reach YOUR potential at whatever you choose.

There is no one recipe for improvement. My commitment to you is to help you identify your process to improve and then help you set powerful goals that will motivate you to do whatever is necessary to strive to be the best you can be each day.

I am looking forward to an opportunity to be a part of your time at the golf course.

Wendy D: 863-255-2233